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(in chronological order of when coded

Revision of an old Apple ][ game in VB.
You vs. Monster in 5x5, then 4x4 then
3x3 grids.  Silly sounds as well.

Baby Flash Cards
Yet another flash cards.  This one shows
converted WMF files as BMPs.  When the child
pushes the correct key, it says "A for Apple". 
Uses MSSpeech SDK

Catholic Prayer Tool 
v2.0 (63K zip,18K on Palm) for Palm OS
Prayer tool for Catholics, for quiet
Includes 25 prayers, in slick GUI.
Developed in VB,.
Requires latest Appforge Booster
runtime file.

VB WMF to BMP Converter 
Converts a bitmap (BMP) image to a Windows Metafile (WMF). 
Uses VB built-in capabilites.
Handles multiple resolutions.  Source code and setup file included.
Written as a tool to support Baby Flash Cards.

Flashcards (91K)
Russian Language Flashcards.
Russian->English, and English to Russian.
Old beta (87K)also available.

VBPing (67K)
Pings a site once or periodically,
and records it all in a DB. Includes Chart/Datasheet report.
Source code included.